Vaastu remedies for Open Plots

Vaastu Dosha Solutions for open plots using Vaastu Shastra

Owning a home is a dream for everyone, particularly in a gated neighborhood with top-of-the-line amenities. We put money into open plots with the intention of building an ideal home of our own design and style. In the end, it’s the house in which the next generation will reside. There are many factors to take into consideration when purchasing open space and building a house on that. In addition to legally binding documents like RERA certifications, HMDA as well as DTCP approvals, etc… Vaastu conformity is an essential aspect to be looking for.

Vaastu Shastra has established rules for open land which are suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. The plots that are Vaastu compatible will certainly bring plenty of happiness, prosperity, and joy to the family living there. But what happens if the plot is not compatible with Vaastu? Vaastu shastra is still able to provide ways to fix the Vaastu Doshas i.e. non-compliance with Vaastu.


What is an irregularly-shaped plot?

An irregularly-shaped plot doesn’t have equal sides or even equal angles. The irregular plots could be a sign that the land isn’t equal or balanced. The plots with irregular shapes are believed to be a source of bad energy because magnetic forces are distributed unevenly. If the form or plot’s shape is unlucky according to Vaastu Shastra, it could cause grief and misery, as well as losses of money, and many other difficulties.

In Vaastu Shastra, the most beneficial shapes are rectangular and square (with the proper ratio). These plots bring prosperity, happiness, and joy to the person who owns them. Some shapes, like circular, U, or L-shaped plots are missing corners and could cause major problems. The triangular, round, oval semi-circle, cart-shaped, and star-shaped plots ought to be avoided. Avoid plots that have significant cuts, extensions, or slopes in the corners. Properties with elephant shapes are rich, and bull-shaped properties can lead to the increased number of livestock (or cars).


Beyond these, There are many more kinds of plots. The Different Shapes of  The Plot and Its Impact According To Vastu


  • Gaumukhi plot: Suitable for homes as the cow’s shape is symbolic of an animal, symbolizing the very best of all things.
  • The “Lion face” (Sher Mukhi) plot is suitable for commercial buildings.
  • The triangular plot is prone to issues, especially for the administration.
  • Semi-circular or oval: a sign of bad luck can cause health issues losses, as well as an absence of joy within the home.
  • Circular-shaped: Suitable for the construction of circular-shaped buildings.
  • Polygonal plot: invite lawsuits.
  • Octagonal: Provides all-around prosperity.
  • The plot is shaped like a bucket and leads to debt.
  • A wheel-shaped plot can cause financial loss.
  • Bow-shaped plots attract terror and fear.
  • Drum-shaped plot: The loss of family members and an increase in animosity.
  • Pitcher-shaped plot that leads to a serious disease.
  • Varahan Mukhi Akaar (pig-faced shape) Causes the death of family members.
  • A turtle-shaped plot entails the imprisonment of the owner and family members.
  • Hand fan-shaped plot leads to the loss of wealth
  • Feather-shaped plots: Unlucky and can bring bad luck.
  • Star-shaped plot: leads to a legal suit.
  • Bucket-shaped plot: The occupants will always be in debt

Projections and The Missing Corners of An Irregular-Shaped Plot

It is inevitable that all plots are not rectangular or square. The plot could contain extensions, projections, or even missing corners. The term “projections” means that the plot contains an additional space that, when removed from the plot makes it an actual rectangle or square. However, the retraction feature is an additional space that, once added to the plot transforms it into a regular-sized rectangular or square.

Extensions can be beneficial only when they’re situated in the northeast, east, or east-northeast directions. Other extensions can be considered to be unlucky. Properties with extensions that lie in the northwest, southeast, or southwest aren’t considered to be suitable as they can bring bad luck. Avoid plots with major cuts or extensions at the corners.

Levels and Slopes of A Plot With Irregular Slopes

It is suggested to purchase plots that have flat surfaces. According to Vaastu, it is recommended that the level of the ground is to be elevated towards the south as well as west, in comparison to the north as well as east. It is the lowest point within the Northeast corner. This is beneficial for all areas of happiness and prosperity. A healthy northeast is a guarantee of peace, health, wealth, and prosperity.

If the plot has a slope to either the east or the north, it can bring prosperity. Don’t buy land that slopes towards the southwest or south. A slope towards the west or the south isn’t positive and could result in loss. The plots that slope to the southwest, the south, or southeast, as well as the northwest, can cause an economic downturn.

The plots that have extended corners that are not on the northeastern side cause Vaastu problems, due to the extended directions they take. A slight elevation of land in the southwest, the southwest, and northwest is considered lucky because it resembles an elephant’s back. It is also closely associated with Laxmi the goddess of wealth.

The Plot, situated in the middle, as well as low on all sides are thought to be like an animal’s back. It is considered to be good and can lead to a rise in wealth.

A rise of the plot’s northeast, east and southwest sides can be similar to a demon’s back. It could result in losses of wealth and loss of children.

The plot, which extends across the east-west directions, and is elevated in the north and direction to the south, is believed to be similar to a serpent’s back. It can cause ill effects, and may even lead to premature death.

Vaastu Remedies For Irregular Shaped Plots

It is recommended to level the plot to correct any issues. In the event that the northwest corner of the plot is more than the other sides, the soil from that area can serve to fill the west and south portions.

  • A plot that has been raised in the center could be remediated by digging out and then dumping the soil to the southwest portion.
  • The negative effect of plots shaped in an ‘L’ or ‘T as well as intersecting points in a triangle is reduced by splitting the plot into two. Split a plot with irregular shapes into two normal plots with distinct wall compounds for each section.
  • Build a wall to shield from negative influences because of the road’s direction. the specific direction of a plot.
  • Plants and trees are close to the entry point of the house in order to minimize the negative impact of roadways that run along the property.
  • Based on imperfections within the direction of the defect, the metals or even plants could be utilized to rectify the space according to Vaastu experts.
  • Methods to remedy this, for instance, the placement of Vaastu pyramids on larger plots are a possibility according to experts’ advice for correcting Vaastu doshas. While a lead-based pyramid to extend the area helps and copper strips are great in the extension south of the east.

The problems can be numerous, but there’s always an answer. Before buying an estate or reaching any conclusion regarding Vaastu’s problems and solutions, you should always seek a professional’s advice.

Disclaimer – The advice which is provided in this article is the best we can offer to our information. However, we suggest seeking advice from a Vaastu professional for additional discussion.



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